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Bingham Centre Research

Following a comprehensive strategic review, the Bingham Centre has adopted a new five-year Strategy, Proactively Advancing the Rule of Law which can be read here.

The Centre has a wide range of projects with staff undertaking original research, providing training, doing law reform work, hosting seminars and conferences, and much more. Our projects aim to provide a clear and strong influence on the implementation of the rule of law.

The Centre's activities and projects include work produced in the name of the Bingham Centre and which advances a position taken by the Centre, as well as publications by its individual research fellows which will contain their own analyses and arguments relating to rule of law issues.

Thematically, our current projects run across the following areas:

1. Access to Justice

2. Business and Finance

3. Development and Transitional Societies

4. International and Regional Standard Setting

5. Brexit

The Bingham Centre also has some major cross-cutting programmes: