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International Access to Justice: Barriers and Solutions

As part of a project funded by the International Bar Association's Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee, the Bingham Centre conducted an important international survey on barriers to access to justice and the attempts made to overcome them in different jurisdictions.

The project aimed to analyse the extent to which individuals and groups in different countries are able to use formal and informal justice systems, legal services and dispute resolution mechanisms to solve their justice problems. It further explores whether certain barriers affect more seriously specific groups of the population or whether they are more relevant in certain sectors.

At an event on 2 July 2014 professionals and specialists working on projects related to access to justice in different countries across the world shared their experiences and discussed and commented on examples of good practices.

The report was launched at the IBA conference in Tokyo in October 2014.

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Project report: International Access to Justice: Barriers and Solutions - A Report for the IBA

Project report in Romanian: International Access to Justice: Barriers and Solutions - Romanian Translation

Access to justice case studies related to this project here


2 July 2014: Access to Justice: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers Across Jurisdictions

Event material

Project summary on paralegals in Rwanda here

Training manual for paralegals conducting paralegal aid clinics here

Fighting child sexual exploitation in the Philippiness here


Dr Julinda Beqiraj or Dr Lawrence McNamara