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International Access to Justice 2015: Legal Aid in Criminal Cases and Redress for Victims of Violence

The IBA's Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee commissioned the Bingham Centre to undertake research on the availability and effectiveness across jurisdictions of legal aid for those charged with violent crimes and of redress mechanisms for victims of violence.

The project included an international survey reporting practices across jurisdictions, including main obstacles and innovative examples of strategies that ensure effective redress for victims and effective access to legal aid for the accused. The survey was conducted in association with the IBA's Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee, as well as other parts of the IBA (including the BIC, HRI and the Criminal Law Committee).The report was published on 5 October 2015 and launched at the IBA Annual Conference in Vienna the following day.

FINAL REPORT (published 5 October 2015)

International Access to Justice: Legal Aid for the Accused and Redress for Victims of Violence


13th July 2015 Criminal Legal Aid and Redress for Victims of Violence: International Perspectives on Access to Justice.

Event material

  • Defence Paper on Extradition and European Arrest Warrant here
  • REDRESS, Representing Victims Before the ICC: Recommendations on the Legal Representation System (April 2015) here
  • PRI, Women in criminal justice systems: the added value of the UN Bangkok Rules (2015) here

Case Studies

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