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Dr Michael Sevel, Senior Lecturer in Jurisprudence, University of Sydney Law School

"My stay at the Bingham Centre confirmed the impression I'd had about it for some time from colleagues. It is not only a world-class research and policy institution; it's also a congenial place to work. (Many places are one; few are both.) My visit also reinforced my belief that the Centre enjoys a unique place within rule of law policy and studies, not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world. The time I spent at the Centre was punctuated by first-rate policy events, very helpful scholarly discussions, and friendly meetings mixed with tasty baked goods. The location of the Centre in Charles Clore House and on Russell Square proved very convenient for research purposes, both with respect to the useful research library on-site, as well as its proximity to UCL and other institutions. I will be recommending the fellowship to my colleagues in rule of law studies, a unique and highly rewarding experience."