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Mahmoud Salih

We are very sorry to announce the death in November of one of our distinguished Patrons, Mahmoud Salih. Mahmoud was a prominent businessman who lived and worked in Egypt, London and the Sudan.

When I saw Tom and Elizabeth Bingham just before Tom's death in 2010, they urged me to meet Mahmoud who had introduced them to the possibilities for change in the direction of the rule of law in the Middle East. This was just before the 'Arab Spring' erupted towards the end of that year.

Mahmoud believed passionately in the rule of law and democracy and became a source of wise counsel to the Centre. When in London he always attended Bingham Centre events and personally arranged to have Tom's book on the Rule of Law translated into Arabic.

We shall miss his steadfast support and send our deepest condolences to his family

Jeffrey Jowell