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Bingham Centre in the Media 2019

Bingham Centre in the Media 2019

The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, our research activities and the events that we organise, often appear in various international publications and websites. Links to some of these articles are listed below.

Brexit and the Speaker of the House of the Commons: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

10/01/19 Vervassungsblog

What You Need To Know About The Meaningful Vote And Its Amendments

15/01/19 Huff Post

Ombudsman Schemes in the Banking Sector and How They Can Enhance Access to Justice

15/01/19 UKAJI

Jan van Zyl Smit: After Poland's Attempted Purge of 'Communist-era' Judges, Do We Need New International Standards for Post-authoritarian Countries Reforming Their Judiciary? (Part II)

16/01/19 Constitutional Law Association Blog

Jack Simson Caird interviewed by Simon McCoy on BBC providing Comment on the Brexit process

16/01/19 BBC

9 experts on Theresa May's "Plan B" and what's next for

18/01/19 Vox

May wants to unveil plan B in parliament


Plan B: How to proceed in the Brexit drama


The final parliamentary Brexit battle is coming: This is what it looks like


Closed judgments: security, accountability and court processes

25/01/19 UK Human Rights Blog

Not the Meaningful Vote: a Guide to the Role of the Commons on Tuesday

28/01/19 Vervassungsblog

#ClosedJudgments: #security, #accountability and #court processes

29/01/19 Truthaholics

The UK Parliament is voting on Brexit amendments Tuesday. What does it mean?

29/01/19 Vox

The Commons rejects the Brexit deal: analysis' by Jack Simson Caird & Ellis Paterson

30/01/19 The UK Law Societies Joint Brussels Office

Jack Simson Caird interviewed on The Moral Maze

30/01/19BBC Radio