The Institute's Research Programme


The British Institute of International and Comparative Law has established the following Research Programmes, Forums and Centres:

The Institute conducts research across the broad range of public international law, private international law, comparative law and European law. Its research is primarily applied research, based on strong conceptual foundations, which is practical and can offer examples of best practice, and recommendations of policy and legal actions. Its research often crosses traditional boundaries of law, so as to integrate private and public international law, and engage with national, European and comparative law, and can have an impact on legislation and policy.

The Institute is not publically or privately funded by any one government, institution or person. Research projects are funded by a wide variety of bodies, including law firms, accountancy firms, national governments, the European Commission, private trusts and foundations, and non-governmental organisations. In many instances, the research is funded by more than one body.

In almost all instances the Institute's research projects are publically available and disseminated widely once completed. Many of them are Institute publications.

Examples of current research projects include:

Detailed information about the Institute's research activities may be found in its Annual Reviews. A summary of selected past research projects may also be found here.

The Institute is always willing to consider funded research proposals. Please contact the Director to discuss these.