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International Law in Practice

Monday 23rd September 2013

International Law in Practice is a new four day programme run by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. It provides a concise introduction to key issues across a broad range of aspects of international and comparative law - from public to private and from commercial to human rights. Led by many of the Institute's leading researchers and practitioners, the course is ideal for those in the early years of legal practice, those working in governmental and non-governmental organisations with legal elements to their work, and students who are about to commence a postgraduate degree in aspects of international law.

International law is now a part of the practice of almost every lawyer today. Knowledge of treaty obligations is essential for dealing with taxation issues and European law disputes, as well as government interactions; awareness of the responsibilities and immunities of government entities can be crucial to a commercial contract and a human rights action; understanding of the applicable law and the laws of different states is relevant to matrimonial, commercial and competition issues; and assessing the appropriate forum for resolving a dispute is as necessary for an investment matter as it is a humanitarian and rule of law concern. There are few areas of legal practice that are not affected in some way by international law, whether that matter is transacted or litigated in a national, regional or international location.

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Course benefits

This course is unique in that it introduces participants to international law, as broadly understood and as it arises in practice. It includes the core elements of public international law, such as treaties, customary international law, state responsibilities and immunities, human rights and humanitarian law, as well as how international law is dealt with in national law and in terms of dispute settlement. It also encompasses the areas where international law operates in aspects of law previously considered outside the public sphere, such as commercial transactions and personal affairs, which include private international law, comparative law, competition law and international economic law, as well as key aspects of European law and the rule of law.

Course structure

Key topics to be covered on each day of the programme are as follows:
  • Day 1: Legal Foundations of Public International Law, International Law and National Law, State Responsibility and State Immunity, (sessions led by Robert McCorquodale, Jill Barrett, Andraž Zidar and Anna Riddell)

  • Day 2: EU Law, Comparative Law and Private International Law sessions led by Justine Stefanelli, Duncan Fairgrieve, Ghislain Guillaume and Eva Lein)

  • Day 3: International Economic Law, International Human Rights Law, Business and Human Rights, Competition Law (sessions led by N. Jansen Calamita, Kristin Hausler, Robert McCorquodale, Lara Blecher and Philip Marsden)

  • Day 4: International Humanitarian Law, International Dispute Settlement and the Rule of Law (sessions led by Francesca Capone, N. Jansen Calamita, Lawrence McNamara, Lucy Moxham and Robert McCorquodale).

Teaching arrangements

Teaching will be seminar style with opportunities for class discussion and interaction.
Practical examples and dispute settlement avenues will be given where relevant. Reading lists, including reference to electronic materials, will be provided for each session.

CPD accreditation

This course is accredited with 23.5 CPD hours.

Fees and applying

The course fee is £500 (incl VAT) and covers:

· Tuition and course materials
· Refreshments (tea/coffee/water) during sessions
· One evening social event with expert guest speakers
· Certificate of completion.

If you have a query, please contact:

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