Supporting the Institute

The Institute is ambitious in its wish to expand its activities,

but its growth is dependent on the financial assistance it receives. It is currently supported through membership subscriptions, its publications and events programmes, research grants, donations and sponsorship.

We welcome all gifts, of whatever size.

While major gifts are important to the Institute, smaller gifts add up to make a considerable difference to what we are able to achieve.

The Institute's Guidelines for Ethical Funding are intended to ensure compliance with the Institute's legal obligations, as well as with the moral and ethical obligations arising out of its status as a leading independent research institution and charity.

To obtain a full copy of the Institute's Guidelines, click here.

There are several ways you can give:

If you are a US Donor and wish to support us, you can donate online via the American Fund for Charities button (left) and recommend that your donation be given as a grant to The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (AFC 916). Or print and complete this form and send with your donation. For more information please click here.

Examples of possible funding
  • Bursary for a talented intern (travel and accommodation) who could not otherwise work unpaid in the Bingham Centre for 4 months £1600
  • To fund a Visiting Fellow's travel cost £1250
  • Sponsorship of conferences, publications and other activities £5,000-£20,000
  • To fund a research project for one year £250,000

Donors giving over £500 will be acknowledged in the British Institute of International and Comparative Law Annual Review and other published material and kept informed of development progress. (All requests for anonymity will be respected.)

For people who pay UK tax, even if they live overseas, Gift Aid is a very simple way to increase the value of their donations. By ticking the Gift Aid box it will enable the charity to reclaim the basic rate tax on your donations.