Competition Law Forum: Management & Governance

The Competition Law Forum is part of the British Institute of International & Comparative Law and is directly and exclusively under its responsibility. It has no separate legal status. It has an Advisory Board and a secretariat at the BIICL.

The CLF is headed by a Forum Director, Dr Philip Marsden, an experienced academic and competition law practitioner who oversees the day-to-day operations of the Forum, and carries out and supervises in-depth research projects in areas as suggested by members and agreed by the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets regularly (initially quarterly) to oversee the activities of CLF and to offer guidance to the Forum Director on programme development and research. Specifically, its functions are:

1. Supervise the Forum Director;
2. Decide on topics for discussion at future Forum meetings;
3. Decide on other Forum activities; and
4. Discuss the general management and future direction of the Forum.

Furthermore, it has the key responsibility of ensuring the quality standards of the Forum activities are appropriate to a centre of excellence and commensurate with the Institute's other activities.

The Advisory Board currently comprises:

  • Tim Cowen
  • Susan Bright
  • Adrian Majumdar
  • Michael Hutchings
  • Peter-Carlo Lehrell
  • Stephen Wisking
  • George Peretz
  • Simon Pritchard