The Competition Law Forum at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Director: Dr Philip Marsden

The British Institute of International & Comparative Law has established a centre of excellence for European competition and antitrust policy and law - the Competition Law Forum. It provides a forum in which the practical application of competition policy will be considered by lawyers, economists, senior business managers, public servants, public affairs professionals, consumer bodies and other specialist practitioners. The Forum identifies areas requiring debate and analysis, and provides the required forum and experts, thereby contributing to policy initiatives.

In doing so it produces leading-edge applied research, analysis and recommendations on the content, methodologies and application of competition policy at all levels of governance - national, European and global.

The Competition Law Forum has its secretariat at the British Institute of International & Comparative Law and is governed by an Advisory Board, consisting of leading competition law specialists and competition regulators from a range of practice areas.

**New: Antitrust Marathon IV: With Authority held in Dublin, Ireland in October 2009 focused on how to integrate competition and consumer regulation and enforcement; concurrent regulation between competition authorities and sectoral regulators; competition policy and financial regulation in light of the global financial crisis; and institutional design questions of judicial, administrative, and mixed model for competition policy. For a link to the full report please click here.

**New: Information on the CLF and Linex Systems. To access Linex Systems please click here.